Baxter Mutual Water Company

System Number, 1900509

President: Doug Davis     Vice President: Larry Gorden     Treasurer: Eddie Zavala     Secretary: Mollie O’Callaghan



Baxter By Laws   Among other things, specifies yearly meeting third week in October.


Customer Payment Policies.  Specifies water payment amount and dates for making payments.  Defines when a payment is late, late fees, and water shutoff for delinquent accounts.   New Jan 28, 2012


Meeting Minutes.  Minutes to the Baxter Emergency Meeting January 17,2012.   New Jan 28, 2012


System Description.  What we know about this system -- and what we don't know.


System Map.  Shows how the water is distributed to the homes.  Updated Jan 22, 2012


Baxter Emergency/Disaster Response Plan.  Plan for emergency, form required by the County Department of Health    Updated Jan 6, 2012


Baxter Bacteriological Sampling Plan.  Tells when sampling/testing must be done and what to do if there is a problem with test results.  A document required by the County Department of Health.  Updated Jan 6, 2012


Los Angeles County Drinking Water Program.

California Regulations Related to Drinking Water   Contains laws and regulations we must follow.

California Statutes Related to Drinking Water

Public Health License  Yearly license from County of Los Angeles.

2009 Notes.  Includes detailed notes on May/June water contamination problem and solution.

2010 Notes.  Includes three Notices of Violation from County Health Department.


Year 2012 Notes


March 19.   Mary took sample for Bacteriological test.  Tested OK.


January 17, 7:30 PM.  Emergency Shareholder Meeting was held to discuss joining AV United Mutual Group.  All attendees agreed that we should spend $11,000 plus $160/month to join and be represented by the group in Antelope Valley Water Adjudication.  Water fees will be increased by $25 per connection.  See Minutes for details.


January 16.  Mary came out and took 5 Samples for analysis.  Tested OK.


Year 2011 Notes

By Larry Gorden

December 15.  I flushed the sys

December 15.  I flushed the system all morning to get chloine out of system per Mary's instructions.  Mary came out and took 4 samples, chlorine level was down to an acceptable level (0.2 or lower).  Samples tested OK.  Must test 5 samples again in a month

December 14.  I was notified that test was positive for coliform.  I treated well and tank with chlorine per Mary's instructions.  During the treatment process I checked calibration of the flowmeter again.  According to calculations it is showing 5.7% more water pumped than actually gets added to the tank.  Previous test showed 5.3% difference.

December 13.  Mary took sample for testing.

December 5.

I computed water use based on three days of # gallons used and power used to get gallons/kWh.  Then applied that usage rate to power used over a year to get water used per year.  Sent that to the Lawyer.

Lawyer emailed draft of letter to submit to the court with our yearly water usage and claim of water rights.  I reviewed it and made minor changes.  An assistant at the lawyer's office helped me via telephone to file the document, see  Done!

December 3. 

Baxter yearly meeting was held at 10:00 AM.  Attending: Andy Tolman (President), Larry Gorden (Vice President), Eddie Zavala (Treasurer), Dan Gary, Doug Davis, Andy Scott, Terry O’Callaghan & Molly.

Elected officers: President Doug Davis, Vice President Larry Gorden, Treasurer Eddie Zavala, Secretary Mollie  O’Callaghan.  Eddie Zavala presented treasurer's report. 

Discussed things that need to be done.  We were ordered to decommission the old well a couple of years ago and haven't done it due to large expense, in the order of $20,000.  This will be a problem if the county presses the issue.  Discussed problems with existing well and possible need for future new well.  Problems with drilling new well are expense and finding a place (property) to drill.  Discussed possible well upgrade to extend its life -- replace existing turbine pump with submersible pump and new PVC casing inside the existing iron casing.  County would have to approve it and we don't know if they will.  We would need to first have the well videoed and no one opposed that.  It will be up to the Board of Directors to proceed with it.

We are now doing fire hydrant flushing twice a year and keeping a log -- due to county requirements.  It was suggested that we flush on lowest usage months.

Discussed AV Water Adjudication and need for us to submit pumping records (yearly amount we pump) to the court.  Details below under the heading "November 29 - December 2".  Court web site may be viewed at where all documents filed with the court are viewable, including Baxter 12/05/2011 claim of water rights with estimated pumping amount of 50 acre-ft per year.

December 2. 

Compared flowmeter readings with water added into tank for validation of flowmeter.  According to calculations, flowmeter is reading 5.3% high.

December 1. 

First flowmeter reading shows 286,600 gallons used over first 16 days.  That seems high but it includes flushing the hydrants. 

November 29 - December 2.  

Got a call from Steve Dassler, Lancaster Utility Services Manager.  The Antelope Valley Water Adjudication is requiring anyone with water right claims to submit information to the court or loose water rights!  Deadline for submitting is Dec 6.  See this link

Called some lawyers.  Mike Davis (951-684-2171) was very helpful and he is a lawyer for defendants in the adjudication.  He will work with us and help.  We need to get our usage information together and call back.

Baxter Board of Trustees got together to examine water usage for submitting to the court.  We have no good usage info, only gross estimates.  We decided to estimate 30 acre-ft per year for Baxter Mutual.  An acre-ft is 325,851 gallons.  Published estimates are an average of 1 acre-ft per year per household.

Devised a plan to get an estimate of water usage.  We will record water usage and electricity usage Friday AM through Monday AM to get a gallons/kWh baseline.  Then water usage can be computed from kWh used over the past years.  Took initial readings Friday morning, 8:30 AM.  Information will be submitted Monday, Dec 5, to the lawyer for submitting to the court.

Lawyer Marlene Allen (works with Mike Davis),, called for Mike Davis regarding submitting Baxter water claim rights and usage info to the court.  They would charge $500 to file it for us but we need to provide them with the info by Monday Dec 5.  Baxter Board of Trustees met and decided to pay them to file our information.

November 15-16.

DRC installed the flowmeter, main pump check valve, and valve for flushing the main pump and I paid him the remaining $800. 


After installation I flushed the hydrants except for the one at Michael Smith's.  I couldn't get the covers off the hydrant hookups. I think it is on Michael's sub-system and not on the Baxter system.  Baxter water dumps out at the top of his tank and there is no backflow (I think).


Started logs with initial entries for (1) flowmeter readings and (2) Flushing fire hydrants.  Flowmeter is read monthly.  Fire hydrants are to be flushed every 6 months.

October 27

Gave down payment of $2761.82 to DRC Pumping to begin upgrade, including installing flowmeter, main pump check valve, and valve for flushing main pump.  $800 due upon completion.  See estimate.

September 12

Mary Wood took sample for testing.  Test results were OK.  Next test in three months.

August 12

Converted pump oil dripper from petroleum oil to "food grade" (vegetable) oil.

August 10

I received a package (See scanned pages) in the mail from the County Water Program, Kennith Mattison.  The package contained:

1.  Inspection Report

2.  Inspection Report Addendum

3.  Notice of Violation and Order -- repeat, we have already complied with it.

4.  Lubricants, NSF/ANSI 60 & 61 -- Specifies allowed lubricants for well pump.

5.  CA Code of Regulations for Permits -- Specifies regulations for Permits.  This appears to be in addition to the yearly permit we pay for.

6.  Photo of Gorden corral and notes regarding required distance of corral from well.  We are in compliance.

7.  Boil Water Notice, front and back side.


Inspection Report contained these items.


11.  Requirements for Flow Meter and maintaining monthly records.

12.  Check Valve required at well head.

43.  Flushing Program required.

45  Certified Operator Required -- done, we have operator Mary Wood, which is specified in our Siting Plan filed with the County

49.  Permit required -- I think the county does this, we have our yearly permits.

June 21

Sent scanned water test reports to Kenneth Mattison per his request.  Kenneth inspected the water system today.  He requested a Material Data Sheet on the oil we've been using, and a Material Data Sheet on Food Grade oil when we convert to it.  He said we need a contract with a D1 operator.  Mary Wood is qualified and she emailed a contract.  He said we will be required to install a check valve at the well pump outlet.

June 14

Still have not heard back from County Water Program with approval for posting notice.  Sent email and got quick response with instructions to add reference to a code and, with that change, approval for posting the Customer Notice.  I made the change, see this link.  I posted the notice per plan and replied back to County Water Program telling them I did so. 

Exchanged emails with Mary Wood, she is working on the Emergency Disaster Response Plan and System Bacteriological Sampling Plan.

June 12

Scanned water test reports for for past couple of years and sent to Mary Wood.

June 3

Andy Tolman, Eddie Zavala, and Larry Gorden met with Mary Wood.  Baxter will employ Mary to do future Water sampling for Baxter.  Mary will also work on updating the Emergency Disaster Response Plan and the Bacteriological Sampling Plan.

May 31

Email letter sent to County Water Program detailing plans to comply with Notice of Violation.  See letter and attachment.


May 22 through May 29

2a, horse enclosure too close to well.  Gordens will keep hoses in far corral which will satisfy the 100 ft requirement.

2b and 3, missing water samples: Eddie Zavala verified that we missed samples for last quarter of 2010.  Larry is working on responding to the notice of violation.  On May 26, Larry called Kenneth Mattison and left message to call back.  There are questions on what is required to satisfy the Notice of Violation and Order.  The format we are supposed to follow was not in the packaged sent to us.  It was supposed to be enclosed with the Notice of Violation and Order.

2c, see Emergency Disaster Response Plan, draft, Mary Wood is updating it.

2d, see System Bacteriological Sampling Plan  preliminary, person doing testing is being changed.

2e, Flowmeter:  Got cost from Red at DRC, see this link for description.  Cost $1451, not including installation.  He said installation would be around $300.

Tolman, Zavala and Gorden will meet with Mary Wood (level 2 certified operator) on Friday, June 3, to have her take over water sampling/testing and to help us keep up with County requirements.


May 21, 2011 (Saturday)

Andy Tolman, Eddie Zavala, and Larry Gorden met to discuss the problems.  Eddie will look into 2b.  Larry will fill in 2c, 2d and 2e.

May 19, 2011.  (Thursday)

I received a package in the mail from the County Water Program, Kennith Mattison.  The package contained:

1.  Kennith Mattison Business Card

2.  Inspection Report with violations

a.  Horse enclosure within 100 ft of well (Gordens will take care of that & keep hose in far coral).

b.  Missing water samples, 2010 months 10-12

c.  No Emergency Disaster Response Plan

d.  Need updated Siting Plan (Sampling Plan?).  I guess the last one sent to them was eaten by the dog.

e.  Need Source Flow Meter and monthly production records.  See this link

3.  Notice of Violation and Order because of 2b -- 15 day suspense to reply

4.  Water System Bacteriological Sampling Plan -- blank form, I think this is what they call "siting plan"

5.  Emergency/Disaster Response Plan -- blank form