Baxter Mutual Water Company

Year 2010 Notes

By Larry Gorden


Jan 20, 2010.  Took samples, showed Laura Zavala how to take sample.  Took samples to AVEK, tested OK.

March 26, Friday.  Received three Notices of Violation from County Health Department. Click on violation to get the complete Notice.

March 29.  Called Health Department, talked to Tom Tarys, email  Complained about getting harassed by invalid notices of violation and short suspenses.  Tom asked me to write up my comments and email to him, which I did.  See letter to ttarys.

April 8.  Still no reply to from Tom Tarys or Health Department.  Sent email to addressed to "Chief Administrator".

April 9.  Called Angelo Bellomo, Director of Environmental Health and left message with secretary to call me back -- regarding complaints with the Drinking Water Program.  Al Madina (626-430-5280) called back asking if he could help.  I explained the problem and he will talk to Richard Lavin and call me back today or Monday.

April 19.  Laura Zavala and Larry Gorden took water sample at Zavala's residence and delivered to AVEK.  Laura is being trained to take samples and will take future samples.  Sample tested OK.

April 23.  Still had not heard back from Health Department so I called Al Madina and talked to him and Richard Lavin.  Wrote a letter to Richard Lavin per my agreement with him.  The letter should suffice for the requirements to notify the Department of Water as directed in the notices.   We must do three monthly tests and then we can go back to quarterly tests.  See Letter to Health Department.

April 24.  Mailed letter to Richard Lavin along with current Siting Plan and contact info for me, President and Vice President..

August 25.  Email from Richard Lavin announcing availability to submit pre-application for loans and grants.  See pre-application saga.

September 2.  Submitted three pre-applications for:

  1. Decommission inactive well.

  2. Upgrade existing well.

  3. Install backup generator.

December 11.  Baxter Water Co. meeting.  Elected:  President Andy Tolman, Vice President Larry Gorden, Treasurer Eddie Zavala.  No volunteer for secretary, posidion vacant.